BL Journal

The Evolution of an Image

Sep 3, 2015

The Sankaty Beach Club Cabanas photograph started out as a black and white image. During the process of adjusting the exposure to make a print, I highlighted the cabana interiors; the default color was red. The highlighted doorways  introduced an interesting new element. I was intrigued by the possibilities of this new way to interpret […]

Island Inspired Photography

Jul 13, 2015

For Ben and his muse, wife Trudie, traveling is an opportunity to take time to look for new ways of interpreting what he sees. Space, texture, rhythm and perspective are ideas he explores, often with his muse as the focal point. All add to the richness of his fine art portrait photography. The two-hour car […]

On Being Ben’s Muse

Oct 9, 2014

Ben says he married me for two reasons: The Tokeneke Beach Club and my legs. He’s often inspired to photograph me. It’s during those intimate moments when we’re hanging out and Ben notices me blow drying my hair, putting on makeup, stretching or just lying on the bed when he’ll say….”Wait, I want to get […]

Breakfast, Trudie

Oct 2, 2014

My muse in a quiet moment eating her breakfast. She’s being natural, allowing me to explore her, allowing for a window into what is happening. She is the perfect muse, letting go of any goal beyond just being herself so I can capture the moment. It’s the mundane imbued with a story, leaving room for the […]

Transition Day

Sep 25, 2014

When Trudie and I went to Nantucket last summer for our two weeks of shooting, we spent a couple nights at Ships Inn before our house was available. We discovered that our first day had to be a transition day. It became a day to shift our energy, tune into each other, allowing time to […]