Maintaining Your Larrabee Prints

Nov 11, 2016


Have Any of Your Larrabee Prints Slipped?

Over the twenty years we have been in practice we have tried different methods to secure prints so they don’t slip in the mat, always maintaining a standard that uses archival materials and meets museum quality standards. Your prints are special so we never tape the print to hold it in place.

If your prints have slipped please contact us so we can make the necessary adjustments using our newest method for securing your prints



Has Your Glass Been Broken or Your Frames Damaged?

During their lifetime your Larrabee framed prints may come in contact with dogs, kids, balls and unidentified flying objects, causing damage to your art. If this has occurred, please contact us to replace the glass or refresh your frame.


Are Your Larrabees Crooked?

Are you constantly adjusting your frames so they hang straight? Are you concerned the kids will knock your Larrabees off the wall? Perhaps it’s time to have your frames rehung by our professional art installer. Let us coordinate the installation so you never need to worry again.

Our professional art installer hangs frames from two points instead of a wire. This alleviates stress on the frame and frames hang flat to the wall.  Also, the frame is less likely to be knocked off the wall.

In addition, hardware is placed in the same position on each frame so same sizes are interchangeable making it possible to easily rotate your Larrabee prints.

If you’d like us to coordinate the installation so you can enjoy your family memories worry free, contact us.

Burning Man 2017
Our Clients Show Their Fine Art Larrabee Portraits

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