BL Journal

Photographing During a Pandemic

Sep 4, 2020

What a summer it has been. The pandemic has changed the way we photograph but we’re still showing the love and capturing personalities. We are keeping ourselves and our clients safe by wearing masks, keeping our safe distance and in some cases only photographing outside. Some families are fine with us photographing in the house […]

Burning Man 2017

Dec 22, 2017

Our first burn. They called us virgins.   Approaching the man.   Each year the man is a different structure and usually out in the open. This year he was enclosed in a pavilion. That’s a shrimp mutant vehicle driving by.    We had heard about the dust storms. They come up out of nowhere […]

Maintaining Your Larrabee Prints

Nov 11, 2016

Have Any of Your Larrabee Prints Slipped? Over the twenty years we have been in practice we have tried different methods to secure prints so they don’t slip in the mat, always maintaining a standard that uses archival materials and meets museum quality standards. Your prints are special so we never tape the print to […]

Our Clients Show Their Fine Art Larrabee Portraits

Sep 17, 2015

We suggest to our clients that they hang their Larrabee family portraits in places where they can see them often because they serve as reminders of what is beautiful and honest and enduring in their lives. These custom framed images can lift your mood and make you happy. They are healing images. Below we share […]

The Evolution of an Image

Sep 3, 2015

The Sankaty Beach Club Cabanas photograph started out as a black and white image. During the process of adjusting the exposure to make a print, I highlighted the cabana interiors; the default color was red. The highlighted doorways  introduced an interesting new element. I was intrigued by the possibilities of this new way to interpret […]