BL Journal

Pushing the Boundaries

Sep 18, 2014

When I look at Trudie I’m inspired to pick up my camera. Sometimes I see her beauty other times I see texture and rhythm. The photos I take of her are very intimate and personal. They are a part of our experience, our relationship. I’m not satisfied unless I feel the intimacy “my truth” in […]

Receiving the Gifts of the Muse, Nantucket

Sep 11, 2014

It’s a perfect Nantucket day. I’m in the outdoor shower and Trudie comes over to keep me company, setting up her towel to get some sun. As I look out, I see her, relaxed, natural. I’m soaking wet but I have to quickly get my camera before the moment is gone. She’s being spontaneous, I […]

Animating Imagery with Fantasy

Jul 11, 2014

I first started combining imagery while studying graphic design at Rhode Island School of Design. More recently I was inspired by Wes Anderson’s movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, in particular his use of color, light and fantasy. When I was looking for an image to submit to the Rowayton Art Center’s current show “Marine and […]

Show Girl

Feb 14, 2014

We were getting ready to go out. I looked over at Trudie and was struck by her beauty in this recurring intimate scene. It was a moment and an opportunity to share. I recall my teacher and mentor Harry Callahan saying “photograph what you care about.” This was one of those moments, so I grabbed […]

Our Clients Show Their Fine Art Larrabee Portraits

Jan 23, 2014

We suggest to our clients that they hang their Larrabee family portraits in places where they can see them often because they serve as reminders of what is beautiful and honest and enduring in their lives. These images can lift your mood, make you happy. They are healing images. Below we share some examples of […]