Our Clients Show Their Fine Art Larrabee Portraits

Sep 17, 2015

We suggest to our clients that they hang their Larrabee family portraits in places where they can see them often because they serve as reminders of what is beautiful and honest and enduring in their lives. These custom framed images can lift your mood and make you happy. They are healing images.

Below we share some examples of how our clients show their framed fine art Larrabee prints in their homes. These frames are hand made and designed by Ben and Trudie. They can be customized to match any decor.

Consider adding significant works of art to your home. We think some of your art should be about you.


Game Room

Images from two family shoots, five years apart, flank the playful group image in the middle.


Dining Room

A recessed light over the fireplace mantel brings the family photo to life in the dining room.


Pool Room

4′ family portraits bring warmth and scale to a room with 16 foot high ceilings.


Family Room




Dining Room

Ben’s black-and-white images and our generous mats work with any background.


Living Room

Face-in-Plexi floating in a white maple frame


Kitchen Banquette

A contemporary look in a New York apartment.


Master Bedroom

The prints are mounted into plexi for a frameless presentation in the master bedroom that is clean and modern.


Master Bedroom

4′ family portraits personalize the master bedroom.


Daughter’s Bedroom

The white frame compliments the trim and bed for a softer look in the daughter’s bedroom.


Hall to Office

The vertically stacked photographs draw the eye and make a finishing statement.



A frequently used hallway becomes a gallery to showcase playful family moments.


Upstairs Hallway

A floor to ceiling wall installation of family portraits turns an upstairs hallway into a gallery.


Grand Circular Staircase




Nothing proclaims where your priorities are like family portraits in the home. These stairwells display Larrabee prints on both walls flanking the stairs.



Consider how many times a day you go up and down the stairs to the upstairs floors. Here a stairway and  hall become a daily reminder of a family’s special time together at their beloved Montana home.


Entry Foyer

As you enter the foyer Ben’s family portraits lead your eye through the house.


Entry Foyer

Track lighting illuminates the Larrabee collection on the wall.


Dressing Room

An intimate corner of a dressing room is a daily reminder of  the precious baby years.


Maintaining Your Larrabee Prints
The Evolution of an Image

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