Jul 13, 2015

For Ben and his muse, wife Trudie, traveling is an opportunity to take time to look for new ways of interpreting what he sees. Space, texture, rhythm and perspective are ideas he explores, often with his muse as the focal point. All add to the richness of his fine art portrait photography.

The two-hour car ferry ride to Nantucket is a time for this exploration. His studies have become a template for creating new images, in particular the below image Petit St. Vincent.

“How I look at the ocean in other parts of the world is consistent in my images. If you compare the perspective of Nantucket Ferry #1 with the floorboards in Petit St. Vincent you will notice the significance of the horizon line.

The horizon line is a uniting theme in my island inspired images." Some of Ben’s explorations are now on exhibit at Nantucket Looms on Nantucket. For more info
All images are carbon pigment archival prints.

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“My muse on the edge of the earth looking out at a body of water that spans the globe and unites its parts.”

Petit St. Vincent
The Evolution of an Image
On Being Ben’s Muse

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