From start to finish, I work in partnership with my clients. We begin by defining a desired outcome; we collaborate closely to create a successful photo session, and after that we choose the best portraits – together, every step of the way.

I have developed a process that looks and feels effortless. We don’t encumber you with wardrobes and poses, lights and locations. You’ll find that a session is really not at all about being photographed; it’s about experiencing the freedom to be yourself with those you love the most.

If you would consider adding a significant work of art to your home, please talk to us. We think you will be surprised and like many others, you’ll find the opportunity hard to resist.

We’ve created positive experiences and priceless memories for many of our clients (some of their comments appear below); we’d like to do the same for you.  Please call us for more information at 203.656.3807 or click here to send us an email.


“We feel such gratitude to Ben for sharing his vision and artistry with us. The many photographs of our family that grace our home are daily reminders of the joyful family bonding experience of the entire process with Ben and Trudie, from the photo shoot in our home to the hours of viewing his beautiful images to make our selection. His photographs, which capture such intimate moments between different members of our family, are constant sources of comfort and joy in our home. As our children grow up, we can only imagine that they will become even more meaningful to us.”

— Client, Marie Cosgrove, Greenwich, CT

“The whole family is mesmerized by your work. The photographs are so visually addictive; I want to see them all, all of the time. Thanks for that, now nothing will get done around here.”

— Client, Eric Zeigler, Rowayton, CT

“…You not only captured exactly who each of us are so accurately, but also made me see different nuances in myself and in my children that I don’t see ‘in person’…You reflected back aspects of them that I can hardly put into words- something only a parent could know and articulate- yet there they were, staring back at me, and will be forever.”

— Client, Diane Lowman, Westport, CT

“We cherish the photographs that grace our home. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t find myself stopping to study them and take it all in. I appreciate these moments very much…thank you.”

— Client, Danielle Wearing, New Canaan, CT

“Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. They truly are special…they continue to take my breath away. Wish I had more kids to photograph.”

— Client, Anne Marie Galietto, Madison, NJ

“I am truly amazed at your talent. It’s as if you transcend the superficial image to capture what is locked inside.”

— Ellen Cregg, Nantucket, MA

“I just finished watching your “Staying in Spirit” video about the photography practice…Anyone who’s ever just HAD to stop when seeing one of your photographs must know that there is something spiritual going on. This video provides a clue as to the question many of us have: ‘How does he do that?’ Truly, you create and capture Moments of Grace. What a gift.”

— Barbara Thomas, Darien, CT

“I just adore the simplicity…but at the same time the deepness of the emotion and personality that you are able to capture…truly magical work.”

— Julie Bales, Westport, CT

“Words cannot express our gratitude to you both for your outstanding creative contribution to the “Faces of Light®: Stories From Breast Cancer Survivors” exhibition. It is an inspiring collection that we know will impact many lives. It already has. We hope you are proud of it as we are.”

— Pam Zangrillo & Sharon Kratochvil, Darien, CT

“Your pictures are some of the most tender and humorous family shots I’ve ever enjoyed.”

— Brian Flynn, Wilton, CT

“Thank you for capturing my spirit so magnificently. I wish I could bottle it up and sell it!”

— Vanessa Priest, Greenwich, CT

“…You push us to see underneath our images, first with shape, then with sensation. I continue to feel such gratitude for having been a part of your class and to have had your inspiration and your example.”

— Student, Mary Zeman, Wilton, CT

“Thank you for the beautiful photographs and all your hard work on the Faces of Light® exhibit – you did an amazing job.”

— Joanne Masin, Greenwich, CT