May 06, 2014

We’ve had some great feedback from participants at our Artist-in-Residence talks held at the Darien Library this winter. Read what they have to say.

“It isn’t often we get to benefit from the insights of a person who has spent a lifetime perfecting his art. It is a special opportunity to have Ben willing to share his wisdom with us. You don’t come across it very often, most artists are protective of their craft.” Terry Sinha, Stamford

“It was inspiring to connect with Ben. One can always read books on the mechanics of photography, but it is rare to gain an understanding of the creative energies behind the work of a master photographer.” Gary Khachian, Darien

“I’ve heard about Ben Larrabee and seen his stunning black and white portraits for years, so it was a great honor to finally meet and hear him share his vision and specific shooting and editing techniques in an intimate setting. After hearing Ben’s approach, my thinking has shifted about my own past work; I will definitely have his ideas in mind as I practice my own photography going forward.” Sue Benjamin, Bedford, N.Y.

Come join in the conversation about photography as we start our Spring series on Tuesday, May 6 and Tuesday, May 20 from 6-7pm in the Artistspace on the 2nd floor of the Darien Library.

For more info:

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