Nantucket Ferry Series

Jul 18, 2013

For Ben, the two-hour trip on the car ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket is a photo opportunity. Each trip is a new chapter in his study of the ferry.

Here are some of his explorations:

Portal, Nantucket Ferry
Harbor, Nantucket Ferry, 2009

When you’re on Nantucket this summer, stop by the Nantucket Looms at 51 Main Street to see the above grouping of three images on exhibit.

Stern, Nantucket Ferry, 2007
Nantucket Ferry, Man at Bow

Photographing the ferry while under way to Nantucket keeps Ben from thinking about the M&M peanuts at the snack bar.

Nantucket Ferry Ramp
Window, Nantucket Ferry, 2009






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