Jul 11, 2013

“You’re not the first client to run out of wall space”

It’s not unusual for our clients to run out of wall space to hang their Larrabee family portraits. Our solution is the book; a hand made, hard cover book of photo prints. The prints are the pages of the book and can be removed later for framing if desired.

For our clients who do multiple shoots, we will rotate your Larrabees from previous shoots out of the frames on the wall and bind them into a book. Then we refit your new family prints into the existing frames. We do this for one of our clients who does a family shoot every three years.

We designed this Book Table to provide a special place for viewing and storing your books. The top is designed to tilt up for optimal viewing. The Book Table is the result of a collaboration between Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers and Ben Larrabee Photography.
Nantucket Ferry Series
Framing Your Larrabees

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