Ben Larrabee

Joe’s Mac Museum

May 30, 2013

There goes our first laptop to be enshrined in the Mac Museum hall of fame at PSIMac’s office in Norwalk! It’s a 17 inch PowerBook G4 introduced in January 2003. “The biggest laptop Apple ever made,” says Joe and “one of the better models. You can’t even get that size now. The largest screen on […]

Ben Larrabee

Ben’s Work Inspires a Photography Student

Sep 1, 2011

Photography student Belen Shafer was assigned to research and write about a photographer whose work inspired her.  Without a second thought she had Ben in mind.  Her enthusiasm and understanding for Ben’s work is shown in her essay below: “When we were given our project to write about a photographer there was someone who immediately […]

Ben Larrabee

Plum TV Interviews Ben and Trudie on Nantucket

Jun 26, 2009

Ben and Trudie discuss their unique approach to photographing people in an interview with Plum TV on Nantucket

Ben Larrabee

Plum TV Interviews Ben and Trudie at Sconset Cafe

Jun 15, 2009

What drew you to photography? At first, as a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, all I knew was that the process suited me. I had an inspiring teacher, Harry Callahan, and he awakened in me an exciting vision of possibilities. I continued my studies at Yale and my involvement with the medium […]