May 30, 2013

There goes our first laptop to be enshrined in the Mac Museum hall of fame at PSIMac’s office in Norwalk!

It’s a 17 inch PowerBook G4 introduced in January 2003. “The biggest laptop Apple ever made,” says Joe and “one of the better models. You can’t even get that size now. The largest screen on the market is 15 inches.”

We’re so happy it can fill a spot in the museum and we can be a part of Mac history. It will be joining the iMac G4 dome base with flat screen, an iconic design for Apple, along with fifteen other models.

A bit about PsiMac.
Joe is the owner of PsiMac and our extraordinary computer consultant. We’ve been working with him for ten years and he is indispensable to our photography practice. He is intuitive, responsive, intelligent and patient. He’s all Mac.

(And he has a really cute fiancée, Ashleigh, who works with him. See our photo of the adorable couple working in their office on our recent photo shoot of them.)

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