Ben Larrabee

Celebrating Fathers 2016

Jun 17, 2016

Hey moms, sons and daughters, Looking for something extra special to give dad this year? Celebrate his playful side with the gift of an experience: A Ben Larrabee family photo session. This is not your typical photo shoot experience. There’s no posing, patience or pressure required. We have no rules about what to wear. Enjoy […]

Ben Larrabee

Appreciating the Millennial Generation

Apr 25, 2016

Last fall we received an email from a recent Gettysburg College graduate and daughter of one of our clients about photography opportunities. As an art history major she had always appreciated the arts and had a particular interest in photography. We saw this as an opportunity for both her and the practice, and invited Caroline […]

Ben Larrabee

Artist-in-Residence at Darien Library

May 6, 2014

We’ve had some great feedback from participants at our Artist-in-Residence talks held at the Darien Library this winter. Read what they have to say. “It isn’t often we get to benefit from the insights of a person who has spent a lifetime perfecting his art. It is a special opportunity to have Ben willing to share […]

Ben Larrabee

Appreciating the Fine Art of Cheese (and Photography)

Dec 12, 2013

“It’s the most beautiful store in the world”, says a customer who brings family members from Mexico City, Spain and France to experience the unique environment and sample cheeses from around the world at Darien Cheese & Fine Foods. “This time of year there are more choices as we prepare for the winter and holiday […]

Ben Larrabee

Faces of Light®: Stories from Breast Cancer Survivors

Oct 15, 2013

In 2006 and again in 2008, we had the unique opportunity to be involved in two very special projects dreamed up by Sharon Kratochvil and Pam Zangrillo, both breast cancer survivors from Darien.  We felt it was a perfect fit since Ben doesn’t photograph the way people look, he photographs their energy. Ben wanted to […]