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Ben Larrabee

Creating Dramatic Shots with the Fisheye Lens

Jul 27, 2012

To capture the drama of these two shots Ben used his 15 mm fisheye lens. By pointing the camera at the top edge of the retaining wall and the window molding he created a straight line axis in both images. In the hands of an artist this lens can bring a unique perspective and a […]

Ben Larrabee

Letting Go of Expectations

Jun 25, 2012

My approach is based on letting go of expectations and assumptions about how people should look or behave on a shoot so I can be open to what’s happening. I don’t try to control the situation. It’s important to let things happen. I want my subjects to act naturally and unselfconsciously, expressing their spirit and […]

Ben Larrabee

Exploring New Ideas with the Macro Lens

Jun 1, 2012

For a while Ben has been interested in creating up-close images, especially with his portraiture. The latest addition to his collection is the Canon 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro Autofocus Lens. It allows him to see his subjects from a different perspective, broadening his visual vocabulary. One of his first experiments was photographing Trudie’s garden. A […]

Ben Larrabee

No Rules About What to Wear

Apr 27, 2012

Forget any rule you ever heard about what to wear on a Larrabee photo shoot. I tell my clients my only rule is to wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. This is especially important for moms to consider when deciding what their kids should wear. Clothes allow children to express their […]

Ben Larrabee

Trudie, Beauty Mask 2011

Dec 22, 2011

Trudie and Ben comment on “Trudie, Beauty Mask 2011”: Ben about photographing Trudie: “Each time I saw Trudie with the mask it took me by surprise. Something about it was aboriginal. One day we were in the bathroom and I saw it again. I couldn’t let it go by any longer. I had to photograph […]