Exploring New Ideas with the Macro Lens

Jun 01, 2012

For a while Ben has been interested in creating up-close images, especially with his portraiture. The latest addition to his collection is the Canon 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro Autofocus Lens. It allows him to see his subjects from a different perspective, broadening his visual vocabulary.

One of his first experiments was photographing Trudie’s garden.

Trudie’s Garden

A week later he took an unusual close-up on a portrait shoot. The similarities between the bleeding hearts and the lips are uncanny.


TIP: Ben gets all his equipment from B&H Photo. Great service, good prices and they’ve got everything. Here’s a link for his new macro lens.


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One thought on “Exploring New Ideas with the Macro Lens

  1. Can’t you just feel Georgia O’Keeffe painting those bleeding hearts? Her kind of imagery for sure. I loved my macro lens when I used to take photos with my SLR. Now, there’s no one around here who prints such pictures.

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