A Dad, His Four Boys, and an Ice Hockey Rink

Mom wanted Ben to photograph Dad and the four boys doing their favorite activity together, playing hockey on their backyard ice rink. The shoot took place in March. It was a total action shoot with pucks flying, sticks waving and rough housing.   View additional special moments captured by Ben.

A Daughter Gives the Gift of a Photo Session

A daughter gives the gift of a photo session to her parents who are in their 70s and 80s so she can have photographs of the two of them for posterity. The shoot takes place on Nantucket at their family home. At the very end of the shoot, unexpectedly, two grandsons show up. Ben gets [Read more...]

Three Generations Together

Three generations captured for posterity. The shoot included our client and her two year old daughter, her 91 year old grandmother and grandmother’s 93 year old cousin who she grew up with in South Carolina when both mothers lost their husbands at an early age. The shoot took place in New York City at our [Read more...]

Adding a New Baby to a Previous Collection

This photo session was a gift from a friend to commemorate the birth of their fourth child. Ben had previously taken photos of their other three children, so our clients were excited to add the new baby to their collection. View additional special moments captured by Ben.

Music and a Black Backdrop

The family was gathered on Martha’s Vineyard over the fourth of July weekend to celebrate grandma’s 70th birthday. We took the ferry from Woods Hole and stayed two nights. Ben captured the energy of the extended family of eleven with music and our black backdrop in front of the garage. View additional special moments captured [Read more...]

Burning Man 2017

Our first burn. They called us virgins.   Approaching the man.   Each year the man is a different structure and usually out in the open. This year he was enclosed in a pavilion. That's a shrimp mutant vehicle driving by.    We had heard about the dust storms. They come up out of nowhere [Read more...]

The art of life, through the lens

by Kate Czaplinski, HAN Network With camera phones in every pocket, our personal and family moments often end up buried in social media feeds, never viewed beyond the handheld screen. An extraordinary photograph that tells a story —  without hashtags, filters or captions -— is something far more rare. And, it’s the life’s work of [Read more...]

Maintaining Your Larrabee Prints

Have Any of Your Larrabee Prints Slipped? Over the twenty years we have been in practice we have tried different methods to secure prints so they don’t slip in the mat, always maintaining a standard that uses archival materials and meets museum quality standards. Your prints are special so we never tape the print to [Read more...]

Pantry Pests Places 1st

Ben’s image “Pantry Pests, 2016” was awarded first place in color photography at the Rowayton Arts Center's "Photography and Sculpture" exhibition. The show is on view from September 6 – September 25, 2016 at 145 Rowayton Avenue, Rowayton, CT. Join us for the opening reception on Sunday, September 11 from 4-6pm. "I see both beauty [Read more...]

Moments of Grace® On Nantucket

2016 marks our tenth year consecutive year of showing our fine art family portraits at the Sconset Café on Nantucket. The annual transformation of the Café, owned by Rolf and Cindy Nelson, started when the couple invited us to hang a solo show each summer in their restaurant after their customers responded so enthusiastically to an [Read more...]