Making a moment last for generations

Making a moment last for generations by Kate Czaplinski, HAN Network It might just be about capturing a particular moment in your life. “Some years have more milestones than others, but it doesn’t have to be about an anniversary or a graduation,” says photographer Ben Larrabee, as he scrolls through a stunning black and white portfolio [Read more...]

Special Moments in Our Clients’ Lives

For over twenty years Ben has captured family moments big and small. Sometimes these moments are landmark celebrations. Sometimes they are little snippets of a perfect day spent together. Sometimes they mark a milestone, and sometimes the fleeting glance a mother gives her child. Ben captures these beautiful moments in time, creating memories for the [Read more...]

A Family Gathering to Celebrate Dad’s 70th Birthday

The family came together on Nantucket to celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday with his three adult children and two year old granddaughter. We stayed over night and felt like part of the family. We started photographing the family during breakfast the next morning. Two of the children came from California. View additional special moments captured by [Read more...]

A Family Reunion in Ocean City, NJ

A family reunion in Ocean City, New Jersey where the sons life guarded as young adults. We started in the house and moved out to the beach. For the group photo Ben put Grandma in the center surrounded by her four children, three daughters-in-law and ten grandchildren. To activate the group Ben asked our client [Read more...]

Graduating Triplets

The triplets were graduating from high school in June and would be off to college in the fall. Our client thought this was the perfect time to do a portrait of them. We did the shoot in early June before graduation. View additional special moments captured by Ben.  

Celebrating the 4th Grandchild

Grandma wanted to wait with scheduling the family photo session until the 4th grandchild was born. With her two sons and their families living nearby, the shoot took place in early September at the family home in Connecticut. The family activity centered around the swing set was a fun setting for a relaxed group photo. [Read more...]

A 20th Anniversary, a 50th Birthday, and a Graduation

2016 was a big year for this family. Mom and dad celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, Dad turned 50 and the oldest daughter graduated from high school. On top of that they were now in their dream home. View additional special moments captured by Ben.

Four Sisters on Martha’s Vineyard

Four sisters at their family house and beach on Martha’s Vineyard where the family has been summering since the sisters were young. View additional special moments captured by Ben.

A Dad, His Four Boys, and an Ice Hockey Rink

Mom wanted Ben to photograph Dad and the four boys doing their favorite activity together, playing hockey on their backyard ice rink. The shoot took place in March. It was a total action shoot with pucks flying, sticks waving and rough housing.   View additional special moments captured by Ben.

A Daughter Gives the Gift of a Photo Session

A daughter gives the gift of a photo session to her parents who are in their 70s and 80s so she can have photographs of the two of them for posterity. The shoot takes place on Nantucket at their family home. At the very end of the shoot, unexpectedly, two grandsons show up. Ben gets [Read more...]