May 01, 2014

“We’re just musing around in our cottage on PSV in the Grenadines,” says Ben of this image of his muse, wife Trudie.

Ben’s photograph titled “Trudie, Grenadines” was awarded first place at the Rowayton Arts Center’s annual Photography and Sculpture Exhibition.

The  judge, Kevin Robinson, comments on Ben’s image:

“This photograph is evocative and beautiful in a straightforward way. It possesses great light and shows Trudie reclining and relaxed. She does not appear as a typical model, but rather a friend and lies exposed…unafraid. She is a luxurious presence, full within herself and in peace. At Trudie’s feet lie creams, lotion and other beauty items. These contrast with her seemingly unposed demeanor. Larrabee has not only created a great portrait of his wife but has done so while utilizing flawless design and light.”




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