Transition Day

Sep 25, 2014
Ships Inn, Nantucket 2011

When Trudie and I went to Nantucket last summer for our two weeks of shooting, we spent a couple nights at Ships Inn before our house was available.

We discovered that our first day had to be a transition day.

It became a day to shift our energy, tune into each other, allowing time to reorient and connect in this new place. We agreed to have no agenda, no place to go, nothing to do.

That morning I noticed Trudie sitting in the window in a moment of reflection. She was writing down her thoughts about being a muse. As has happened so many times before, she inspired me to pick up my camera and begin to photograph. This moment becomes one of the many in the body of work that shows our life together.

I like seeing Trudie among the patterns and textures of the wallpaper and leaves outside; foreground, middle ground and background.

Breakfast, Trudie
Pushing the Boundaries

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