Ben Larrabee

Transition Day

Sep 25, 2014

When Trudie and I went to Nantucket last summer for our two weeks of shooting, we spent a couple nights at Ships Inn before our house was available. We discovered that our first day had to be a transition day. It became a day to shift our energy, tune into each other, allowing time to […]

Ben Larrabee

Pushing the Boundaries

Sep 18, 2014

When I look at Trudie I’m inspired to pick up my camera. Sometimes I see her beauty other times I see texture and rhythm. The photos I take of her are very intimate and personal. They are a part of our experience, our relationship. I’m not satisfied unless I feel the intimacy “my truth” in […]

Ben Larrabee

Tracks II, Great Point

Jun 20, 2011

The trip out to Great Point Lighthouse took us about an hour. A big part of the journey was maneuvering around the tracks in the sand; ruts, cross overs and sometimes around an oncoming car returning from the Point. I had Trudie drive the truck so I could photograph the tracks in the sand from […]

Ben Larrabee

Great Point Lighthouse, Nantucket

Jun 3, 2011

We made the journey to Great Point four times to photograph the lighthouse. Each day I looked at the images feeling like something intangible was missing. On the day before leaving the island a realization came to me during my morning meditation; the lighthouse was meant to be seen from the water. It was a […]

Ben Larrabee

Nantucket Ferry Study

Jun 22, 2009

Today I’m looking forward to doing a photo study of the Nantucket Ferry.  I hope I find what I’m looking for.