Celebrating Fathers 2016

Jun 17, 2016

Hey Moms, Sons and Daughters! Celebrate Dad’s playful side with the gift of a Ben Larrabee Photography photo shoot. This is not your typical photo shoot experience. No posing, patience or pressure required. No rules about what to wear. Enjoy time with your loved ones at your home while Ben and Trudie photograph you in […]

Skinny Dipping in the Grenadines

Jul 2, 2015

She is my muse. When we travel I don’t photograph the “beautiful landscape” I photograph Trudie. The landscape becomes the backdrop. Here, I worked on the perspective lines; the position of the horizon in relation to Trudie’s head and the railings on either side. I photograph Trudie as she is naturally. I don’t set up […]

Breakfast, Trudie

Oct 2, 2014

My muse in a quiet moment eating her breakfast. She’s being natural, allowing me to explore her, allowing for a window into what is happening. She is the perfect muse, letting go of any goal beyond just being herself so I can capture the moment. It’s the mundane imbued with a story, leaving room for the […]

Receiving the Gifts of the Muse, Nantucket

Sep 11, 2014

It’s a perfect Nantucket day. I’m in the outdoor shower and Trudie comes over to keep me company, setting up her towel to get some sun. As I look out, I see her, relaxed, natural. I’m soaking wet but I have to quickly get my camera before the moment is gone. She’s being spontaneous, I […]

Our Clients Show Their Fine Art Larrabee Portraits

Jan 23, 2014

We suggest to our clients that they hang their Larrabee family portraits in places where they can see them often because they serve as reminders of what is beautiful and honest and enduring in their lives. These images can lift your mood, make you happy. They are healing images. Below we share some examples of […]