Star Man Drawings, 1967-78

Nov 12, 2013
Star Man for FB Cropped
Star Man Drawing #1 – Ben wrote on this drawing, “Star Woman sped through space looking for more stars”

When I was in my late 20’s I made a series of drawings that were autobiographical. I called the series “Star Man.” I signed them as Star Man and that was my persona when I made the drawings. They stem from a flow of consciousness. I put my pen to paper with no idea where it would go. I followed along and watched the drawing unfold in front of me.

Starman #3 Cropped
Star Man Drawing #2

I made an agreement with myself that every line is a good one. Star Man could make no mistakes. I was inspired by one of my professors at Rhode Island School of Design who observed that Picasso had gotten to the point in his drawing where every mark was a good mark. I decided to make that one of my rules.

Starman #2 Cropped w:Signature
Star Man Drawing #3

I used Prismacolor pencils. They were the colored pencil of choice for my Freshman year nature drawing class. Good coverage and juicy colors.

Starman #4 Cropped w:Signature
Star Man Drawing #4 (from Ben’s later Star Man period 2005-2007)



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