Skinny Dipping in the Grenadines

Jul 02, 2015

She is my muse. When we travel I don’t photograph the “beautiful landscape” I photograph Trudie. The landscape becomes the backdrop.

Here, I worked on the perspective lines; the position of the horizon in relation to Trudie’s head and the railings on either side.

I photograph Trudie as she is naturally. I don’t set up the shot or ask her to pose. She instinctively positions herself in the scene. Of course, I have to see it and be interested.


Ok, ok, maybe I did ask her to raise her elbows…

The image is currently on view through July 26, 2015 at the Rowayton Arts Center "Marine & Coastal Art" exhibition. It was awarded 2nd prize in the Black & White Photography category.

The opening reception is Sunday, July 5th, from 4:00pm- 6:00pm at 145 Rowayton Ave, Norwalk, CT 06853.


Trudie at Petit St. Vincent by Ben Larrabee Photography
A Collection of Images at Nantucket Looms
Sconset Café Presents Moments of Grace®

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