Sconset Café: a Family Affair on Nantucket

Jun 27, 2013

If you plan on being “on Island” this summer, take the opportunity to check out Ben’s latest installation at the Sconset Café. Each year we transform this unique space, owned by Rolf and Cindy Nelson, with intimate black-and-white portraits of families.  The photos are the perfect compliment to the warmth and creativity the Nelson family bring to their restaurant.

Situated at the end of the Milestone Road and in the heart of Sconset village, the beloved Café is a cornerstone of the community and a meeting place for family and friends.

Intimate dining in a relaxed, elegant setting

In what is quickly turning into a family affair, the Nelson’s oldest (and very handsome) son, Cooper, is waiting tables for his third summer.  Younger brother Reece, eager to make as much money as Cooper, isn’t far behind.

Keep in mind that the Café is BYOB, so you may want to go next door to Bookstore Wines, which focuses on wines that pair well with the offerings on the Café menu. If you’re not sure what to purchase, Rolf has a broad knowledge of wines and can help you find the perfect pairing.

“Everyone loves Ben’s photographs,” says Leah Hodge one of the Café’s longtime waitresses. “People just come in and walk around to look at the photos. We’ve had one family come in to see their photo. Customers especially like the grandfather with his grandson and the towel draped across his little naked behind.”

The combination of Ben’s photography and delicious food make it worth the trip out from the town of Nantucket.

Each summer we’re on Island photographing families for the last two weeks in July. We always look forward to our special dinners at the Sconset Café.

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