Sep 11, 2014

It’s a perfect Nantucket day.

I’m in the outdoor shower and Trudie comes over to keep me company, setting up her towel to get some sun. As I look out, I see her, relaxed, natural. I’m soaking wet but I have to quickly get my camera before the moment is gone. She’s being spontaneous, I don’t ask her to pose. My job is to see the moment, interpret it so the formal qualities work as an image. She’s in repose but that energy is there.

As I explore her with my camera, she moves and remakes the view. Her aesthetic is visible even in the way she arranges herself on the deck. This intimacy of image is where we unite. This is the connection we have that goes beyond our relationship as husband and wife. We share a visual idea of the world and Trudie’s place in it.

Trudie is in motion, even at rest. She inhabits her own skin with something more than common physicality. Transforming the space surrounding her with this presence, which is beyond an addition but some further alchemy. I see this energy and work to show it in my images. I’m her biggest fan, recording her “Moments of Grace”.

My muse is the embodiment of the feminine, sensual and uninhibited. She moves unlike anyone else. She creates a context. The world is her stage.

For me, to photograph Trudie is to receive the gifts of the muse.

Ships Inn, Nantucket 2011
Trudie, Bedroom Window, Nantucket
Bike Trip #2, 2001
Pushing the Boundaries
Animating Imagery with Fantasy

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