Jul 25, 2013

So far the most fun store we’ve visited on Island is Petite Travelers of Nantucket. If you’ve driven into town on Orange Street you’ve probably noticed the miniature beach chairs, picnic tables and teepee on the lawn in front of their building. Walk inside and you’ll feel like a kid again!

We’re delighted to have our photos on display in this unique space that caters to families vacationing on Nantucket.

Petite Travelers rents and sells baby equipment and everyday supplies to help make Nantucket family vacations hassle free. But this is not your ordinary baby rental company. As a new mom, owner Becky Becker-Mailloux knows what works and what doesn’t. She’s been inspired by her nine month old baby, Marin. Since Marin was born Becky has refined the product selection based on her own experiences. She really understands the specific needs of her customer.

One of our petite clients enjoying a Petite Travelers afternoon


“I stock a unique selection of products,” says Becky. “I personally select each item. I love classics like “piece-less” toys and time-tested games. I am particularly interested in eco-friendly products made in the US.”

Petite Travelers started as a home business in 2009. As it grew it needed a location where customers could pick up and drop off. This year it moved into 159 Orange Street, a highly visible spot on the way into the town of Nantucket. The new space allows Becky to build relationships with customers face-to-face. Parents want that connection when renting equipment for their children. It’s reassuring to know where the equipment is coming from and who you are dealing with.

The best part about having the new location is that when Becky leaves the store to go home, she’s home. She can spend time with Marin and her husband Brendan, who is hands on with her business. Separating work and family is important to this highly successful, entrepreneurial mom.

For more info: http://www.petitetravelers.com

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